150mm/200mm Steel Wire Trimmer Head Grass Brush Cutter Dust Removal Weeding Plate for Lawnmower

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Bullet Points:

1,Adopt internal fixed plate structure to ensure consistency and safety.
2,More sharp and efficient than other types.
3,It can work normally when hitting the stone and hard block. Service life will be 10 times longer than other trimmer head.
4,Suitable for most trimmer models.
5,Suit for straight-shaft garden pole tools products.

1. Adopt internal fixed plate structure to ensure consistency and safety.
2.More sharp and efficient than other types.
3.It can work normally when hitting the stone and hard block. Service life will be 10 times longer than other trimmer head.
4. Suitable for most trimmer models.
5.Suit for straight-shaft garden pole tools products.

Material: steel wire
Features: no rust, durable, long service life. It consists of an internal fixed plate.
The performance, safety and quality of this wire wheel are 100% tested.
Size: Approx150*150*55mm / 200*200*55mm
Color: silver


1*Steel Wire Wheel Brush Grass Trimmer Head

200mm-Steel-Wire-Grass-Trimmer-Head-Tray-Brush-Cutter-Rotary-Wheel-Edge-Head-Break-proof-Safe1200mm-Steel-Wire-Grass-Trimmer-Head-Tray-Brush-Cutter-Rotary-Wheel-Edge-Head-Break-proof-Safe (1)150mm-200mm-Steel-Wire-Trimmer-Head-Grass-Brush-Cutter-Dust-Removal-Weeding-Plate-for-Lawnmower (1)61154