EAGET External Hard Drive 2TB Encryption Hard disk 500GB 1TB High Speed USB 3.0 HDD 2.5 Desktop Laptop Mobile

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EAGET G20  External Hard Drive 2TB Encryption Hard disk 500GB 1TB High Speed USB 3.0 HDD 2.5 Desktop Laptop Mobile Hard Drive


Product Parameter:  

Material: ABS  

Size: 2.5 inches  

Capacity: 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, 3TB  

Interface Type: USB3.0  

Cache: 8MB  

System Support: window XP/Vista/7/8, Win 10, Mac OS 9.0+, Linux2.4 or higher  

Application: storage backup files, music, video, images, software, information, etc.  

Product Weight: 139G  

Product size: 121 X 79 X 22.5mm


Packing include:  

1 X G20 Hard Disk  

1 X USB 3.0 Cable  

1 X instructions  


Hardware encryption  

G20-790-3_01     G20-790-3_02  

Full encryption  

Built-in EAGET Security, green free installation, data security is not leaked,Trustworthy security guards  

G20-790-3_03     G20-790-3_04  

Bright light  

Gem cut, create sparkling gem shiny, fashion cool  

G20-790-3_05     G20-790-3_06  

Small and lightweight  

Thin and not Jane, advocate light and light portable new trend Easy to carry  

G20-790-3_07     G20-790-3_08  

Speed @ Efficiency  

High-performance chip + USB3.0 high-speed interface, enjoy pleasure  

G20-790-3_09     G20-790-3_10  

Easy expansion  

No driver, plug and play ,Expansion of up to 3TB  

G20-790-3_11     G20-790-3_12  

Cross-border compatibility  

System, electronic equipment, all OK  



Safe shock  

Fully sealed design, no screw structure design  

G20-790-3_14     G20-790-3_15     G20-790-3_16     G20-790-3_18     G20-790-3_18