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Product name: square bullet feeder

Product color: white, yellow, blue

Product size: 171*171*185MM

Product weight: 970g

Product packaging: carton packaging 175*175*192MM

product description:

1. With a translucent design, the storage of food can be observed at any time.

2. Square pendant design: There are 4 non-slip rubber pads at the bottom of the product, and each product is equipped with four suction cups, which can be installed or removed. The suction cup can be fixed in the bottom slot and then sucked to the ground. It will not be used in daily use. Overturned by a dog.

3. Interesting slingshot design: When the dog easily presses the top button, the dog food can fall freely through the four upstairs passages at the bottom. This function can slow down the dog's eating speed and keep the dog's gastrointestinal health.

4. Product design: The product has a perfect visual appearance, diversified internal design, and good use value.

5. Two-in-one eating and playing: The push-type design is both a toy and a dog's self-feeding device. It's fun to eat while playing. It is fun, improves IQ and EQ, and effectively avoids damage to the house by dogs and pets.