Oximeter fingertip pengukur kadar oksigen dalam Darah oxymeter spo2 dan Pulse Oximeter

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Product   Features

Integrated    with  Spo2  probe   and  processing   display  module   - Small   in   volume  light  in  weight   and   convenient  in carrying   - Operation  of  the  product  is  simple ,   low   power  consumption`  Spo2  value  display   - Pulse  rate  value  display,    bar   graph    display   - Low  voltage  indication:   low - voltage  indicator   appears   before  working  abnormally   which  is  due  to   low - voltage - Various  color  of  cover  can  be   selected

Specifications   -Temperature: + 10℃ -+ 40℃ - Humidity: ≤75% - Atmospheric  Pressure:  70kPa -  106kPa

Parking  information - Product   Dimensions:  114mm * 71mm * 42mm(L * W * H) -Weight:   70g  (without  battery)